Meek Journalism New Student Guide

We understand incoming students at Ole Miss have questions. Please use this site to get answers.
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Here we post answers to common questions that we hear from incoming first year students (and their parents). If you’d like to get your own question answered, contact us using the Ask Questions page

Question: What type of laptop will students in the journalism program need to purchase?

Answer: To see our hardware recommendations for things like laptops and third-party software, check out Laptop Requirement page.

Question: That 15” MacBook Pro looks really expensive! Is there a cheaper option?

Answer: The laptop listed on our “Laptop Requirement” page is not required for first year students, but it is required for those entering their first “skills” course (this is normally Journalism 271). We’re recommending that students wait until they’re about to enroll in a skills course before making a purchasing decision, as prices may drop.

Question: What type of printer do you recommend?

Answer: Any modern USB printer should work with your Mac, so we aren’t recommending one brand above any other.

Question: Does the Journalism school require me to get pre-approval for summer classes at another school?

Answer: Yes. Check out the Permission to Transfer Credit Form on the Advising page at to learn more.